Peanut Butter Porter

This recipe is based on @simplybeer Peanut Butter Porter, converting a All-Grain to a Partial Mash


9lbs Golden Light DME

2lbs US Munich 20L

1lb 8ozs Dark DME

1lb 8ozs US Chocolate Malt

1lb US Carapils

8ozs White Wheat

4ozs US Caramel 20L

90 minute mash @ 154 degrees.  (I brought the temp up to 154 degrees and cut the heat and covered) with 2-gallons of water

Sparged with 1-gallon of water @ 170 degrees.



Hop Schedule


@ 90 minute 1oz of Magnum Hops, pellet

@ 15 minute .25oz of Irish Moss

@ 15 minute 5tsp of Fermax

@ 10 minute .50oz UK Fuggle Hops, pellet

@ 10 minute .50oz US Willamette Hops, pellet

@ 5 minute 13oz of PB2 powdered peanutbutter



@ 5 miute 1oz of Semisweet Chocolate

@ 0 minute .50oz UK Fuggle Hops, pellet

@ 0 minute .50oz US Willamette Hops, pellet


Brewed on 8/8/10

Yeast  White Labs 023 Burton Ale Yeast

OG 1.099

Gravity after 2-weeks in Primary 1.030


Gravity after (about) 2-weeks in Secondary 1.028

9.31% ABV

Kegged on 9/12/10

Color is a dark brown with hints of copper

Aroma slightly tangy at first mellows with air and better served in a wide mouth glass. Aroma has tinges of an alcohol scent.

Carbonation, well it’s kegged. It did take longer then other beers to carbonate in the keg.

Mouth feel is rich feel with light carbonation. It comes off as a “thick” beer.

Taste, hints of chocolate hit you first. Nutty flavor comes in back end and really comes through as the beer warms a bit.  Little to no hop influence, malty for sure. Slightly lingering aftertaste.  Works perfect for dessert. (ice cream float) In my opinion, a very luxurious beer. 

I’ve have been lucky enough to have quite a few “beer” people try it (including both the owners of Bootleggers and The Bruery) and have gotten very nice feedback. I will be brewing this again.




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