Ahtanum American Wheat


I brewed another single hop beer, this time using Ahtanum. At a range of 4% to 6.5%AA, Ahtanum is a great hop for imparting a big hop aroma with a light bitterness with a very clean finish. This hop imparts both citrus and floral qualities.

Ahtanum American Wheat

All Grain

5-Gallon Batch

6.5-Gallon Boil

72% Mash Efficiency

O.G. 1.051

F.G. 1.008

5.7% ABV

4.22 SRM

17.9 IBU

Mashed @ 152 Degrees for 60 Minutes (5.2 Stabilizer added to the mash)

Continuous Sparge @ 170 Degrees for 60 Minutes

Boil 60 Minutes

Fermented for 2-Weeks and Keg Conditioned


Grain Bill

4.5 Lbs American 2-Row

4.5 Lbs German Wheat

1 Lbs Vienna Malt


Hop Schedule

.30 ozs Antanum 4.5%AA Pellet FWH

.30 ozs Antanum 4.5%AA Pellet @ 60 min

.50 ozs Antanum 4.5%AA Pellet @ 15 min

1 Whirlfloc Tablet @ 15 min

Yeast Nutrient @ 15 min

.50 ozs Antanum 4.5%AA Pellet @ 5 min

.40 ozs Antanum 4.5%AA Pellet @ Flame Out

2 ozs Antanum 4.5%AA Pellet @ 1-Week, Dry Hop 



White Labs WLP-001 California Ale






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