Some People Call Me Maurice

Recipe Details – Bourbon Cherry Chocolate Stout

Batch Size 5 gallons

Volume Boiled 6.5 gallons

Total Grain 16.50 lbs

Anticipated OG 1.086

Anticipated SRM 34.37

Anticipated IBU 75.5

Brewhouse Efficiency 75%


Grain Bill

8lbs Maris Otter

2lbs Golden Promise

2lbs White Wheat

15ozs Chocolate Malt

12ozs Cara-Pils

12ozs Caramel Malt 120

120zs Flaked Oats

8ozs CaraMunich

7.5ozs Black Patent

4.3ozs Roasted Barley

Hop Schedule

.5 oz         Centennial pellet 10.3% AA @ 60 min

.5 oz         Gelana pellet 13.4% AA @ 60 min

.5 oz         Mt. Hood pellet 5.2% AA @ 45 min

.5 oz         Styrian Goldings pellet 5.2% AA @ 30 min

1 oz          Liberty pellet 3.4% AA @ 15 min

1 tab         Whirlfloc tab @ 15 min

4 TBL        Yeast Nutrient @ 15 min

.5 oz         Liberty pellet 3.0% AA @ dry hop 1 week before keg/bottle

Extras (all added when transferred into secondary)

Added 2lbs. fresh sweet cherries, pitted and “washed” in vodka

Added 1lbs. fresh sweet cherries, pitted and soaked in Buffalo Trace Bourbon for 4 weeks

Added 1lbs. &13 ozs. of “Oregon” Red Tart Cherries in water

Added 10 Oak Cubes that were soaked in Buffalo Trace Bourbon for a week.


White Labs WLP023 Burton Ale

Starter 5/27/11 @ 10am

2 pints of water

1/2 cup DME

1 tsp Yeast Nutrient

Boiled 15 min. chilled and added yeast

Brewday Specifics 

Brewed 5/28/11 10am

Protein Rest         115 degrees for 20 minutes – added .5 tablespoon 5.2 Mash Stabilizer

Mash                  152 degrees for 60 minutes – added .5 tablespoon 5.2 Mash Stabilizer

Continuous Sparge for 60 minutes @ 170 degrees

Boil         60 minute

Pre-Boil Gravity  Not Taken

Post Boil Gravity 1.070 This number is crazy low. Not sure what really happened, but I do think the milling was not the best (I need to buy my own mill)

Fermentation Temperature 70 degrees +/-

Fermented in a 6 gallon bucket


The starter was not as strong as I would like. It took a full day to get into an active fermentation, but after that it blew it’s top…literally!


Transferred into a secondary fermentation bucket on 6/4/11 and added all the “Extras” Gravity at transfer was 1.022.

The beer sat in secondary until 6/25/11.

Final Gravity 1.014

7.5% ABV


Follow Up

I would brew this again for sure, but I would change a few things to help bring out the cherries a little more and better define their flavor. First up, I would cut out the Black Patent and drop the % of Roasted Barley.  To get the color back I would include De-Husked Cafafa I.  I also think I would try and work in some Chocolate Wheat Malt by lowering or eliminating the Flaked Oats and Chocolate Malt.  This would simplify the Grain Bill and “Un-Mute” some of the cherry and bourbon flavors. 


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