Homebrew 2012 "The New System"

I have started to accumulate home brew gear for my “new” yet to be built system. My goal is to have the new system fully functional by the end of 2012. Twelve months does give my a long time to assemble, test and brew, but the real factor is money. The system will be a single tier system, with the brewing capacity of 10 to 12 gallon batches. 

The first purchase I made was a hop filter from Brewers Hardware.


The fittings for this and the entire system will be Tri Clover Fittings. They are sanitary connections that are simple to clean and easy to use (once you get the hang of them) plus they Don’t Leak!!! It was also give the brew house a clean look. 




2 thoughts on “Homebrew 2012 "The New System"

  1. The stand will have a footprint of about 2′ x 6′. It will be on wheels so I can roll it out of the way when not in use.

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