Random Openings 001

I may spend more time arranging and rearranging my refrigerators (yes, I have more than one) than I do drinking…ok, probably not.  But, I’m always in search of just a little more space to store the next beer.

Problem #1 Most of the beers that I’ve actually “cellared” are either 22s or 750s

Problem #2 Most of the above mentioned beers are in the double digits when it comes to ABV.

Granted, these are not devastating problems, but I really do need to start diving into my collection, and maybe slow down on my future purchases (a bit).

My solution is pretty easy. Open the fridge, grab a beer and drink. That sounds easy, but there are some sentimental feelings towards a few beers, and others demand sharing…Black Tuesday. So with the exception of a few hold outs, I’m going to randomly pick a beer each week and drink. Maybe just a taster or maybe the whole damn thing…Random Openings!


Random Openings 001

50/50 Brewing
2014 Eclipse Imperial Stout, w/olive green wax; 30-year old Rum Barrel Aged
11.9% ABV
Color – Deep brown/black with a mocha head
Aroma – Brown sugar, vanilla and toffee.  A mild amount of alcohol heat.
Flavor – Rich chocolate taste, with a mild and smooth rum flavor. It has a good amount of roast qualities and a surprising amount of hop bitterness. Very (too) easy drinking for such a high ABV.

More random thoughts – Once in the glass the alcohol heat dissipates quickly. The warmer the beer got the smoother and more drinkable it got.  Preferred drinking temperature 55-60 degrees. Dessert in a glass!