Shed Build-Out Update

Just a quick update, the electrical installation is set to begin.

I hired a electrician to take care of the wiring side, but I will be doing all the grunt work. I’ve been a little scared to measure how far I need to dig the trench for the conduit, but I’m guessing it comes in about 75′ with a little tunneling to get under a small section of sidewalk.

The Details

50 amp sub-panel to provide enough power to run a small AC unit, refrigerator, lights and a handful of outlets.

If all goes well I will be able to move my fridge in soon and plan my first brewday. This will give me more time to plan the rest of the build-out.


What type of material should I use for the interior walls?

4/14/18 Update: the trench for the electrical conduit has been dug. Tomorrow I will break-out the concrete and weather permitting, the wiring goes in on Monday.


4 thoughts on “Shed Build-Out Update

    1. Aaron,

      I’m still a bit tentative about brewing and cleaning inside the shed. I get the feeling that as soon as I added water, I would be adding maintenance problems. I would like to start adding some shelves or racks to store hoses, tools, etc. All my fermenters and ingredients would be stored inside. Then roll out the brew stand on the deck for brew days.

  1. Is there anything holding you back from just using drywall on the interior? I would personally keep it simple if it will mostly be storage inside. Some insulation and water resistant dry wall. We have drywall screws, tape, and putty you can use for this process. And we can help!

    1. Once I figure out where all the electrical and AC is going, I will be putting in insulation. I’m thinking a wall of pegboard, or something that I can hang things from. I also want a waterproof section where the fridge and fermenters are going. The whole ceiling needs drywall, and I will need help 🙂

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